Broughton’s Prose and Poetry is a collection of my poetical and literary works. My favourite authors growing up were Oscar Wilde, George Orwell and Honore de Balzac. Naturally, one finds a modicum of their influence throughout my work.

However, and contrary to Wilde’s stance, that art should comprise aesthetic flair unalloyed by the artist’s environment  (“Art for Art’s sake”), I believe art is the entrapment of the contemporary moment, and making it timeless. As such, I regularly draw upon modern phenomena, and my interactions with other people.

Never is this more true than when I perform my Poet for Hire activity. Currently residing in Paris, France, this involves people sharing their ideas, or providing me a theme, which I will then react to by way of written verse. After fifteen minutes or so, I read aloud their poem and they pay whatever they think it is worth. Normally, it is something of a dialogue; there is as much of me in the final piece as the commissioning member of the public.